Part of One Stop Wholesaler's range of commercial refrigeration includes the Tecnomac range of blast chillers and food storage cabinets.

Blast chillers have now become an indispensable tool for chefs as they now give the ability to plan and prepare much more of a menu in advance, without compromising on food taste and freshness. Besides increased food safety (HACCP) benefits, the other main advantage provided from a blast chiller is the ability to reorganise kitchen workloads by eliminating expensive labour peaks and spreading out the workload in advance of key food delivery times.

Made in Italy for over 40 years, Tecnomac specialises is building high quality blast chillers and food storage cabinets which have now earned an enviable reputation worldwide. At One Stop Wholesaler, we recommend Tecnomac blast chillers due to their fast shock freezing and chilling times, their ease of use and engineering ingenuity which incorporates several benefits for the user (i.e. ergonomic door handles, reversible and self closing doors, removable tray racks, easy access evaporators and condensate collecting pans, rounded external edges and chamber self sterilising feature to name a few).

One Stop Wholesaler's range of Tecnomac blast chillers ranges from small freestanding units for just a few trays through to large walk-in units that can accommodate over 1 tonne of food. The Tecnomac range also includes low and positive temperature storage cabinets.

For a great deal on Tecnomac blast chillers plus a wide range of other commercial refrigeration, request a quote or contact One Stop Wholesaler today on 1300 131 700.

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