Royal Touch Paper Products is an Australian owned company that specialises in the manufacture of washroom products and hygiene systems. Specialists in the area, Royal Touch are dedicated to helping their customers improve the hygiene, performance and efficiency of their washroom products. Royal Touch toilet paper, hand towels, dispensers and washroom accessories are manufactured in Australia and supplied to businesses across the country.

Royal Touch Paper Products believes in constant innovation to adapt to changing customer needs. The range of Royal Touch cleaning supplies and dispensers are carefully designed to minimise wastage and mess, reduce operating costs, and eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination. With Royal Touch you can rest assured that lower costs do not have to come at the cost of environmental damage. Their manufacturing processes use energy efficient machinery, and all paper waste goes to a recycling plant. They are committed to reducing waste to landfill, for a more sustainable future. In addition, the innovative dispensing systems by Royal Product can actually reduce paper wastage by up to 45%.

Popular washroom products from Royal Touch include jumbo toilet paper rolls, individually wrapped toilet rolls, multi-purpose roll towels, autocut premium hand towels for dispensers, and interleaved hand towels. You can also get Royal Touch washroom accessories like urinal screens, fresheners, soap and sanitiser pods.

So, if you are looking for washroom and janitorial consumables that will give you high performance while at the same time reducing impact on the environment, go ahead and choose Royal Touch. Check out our range of products online at One Stop Cleaning Supplies or give us a call on 1300 131 700.

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