When equipping your kitchen for maximum performance, Rational Combi ovens and steam ovens are an excellent choice.

At One Stop Wholesaler our decades of experience selling catering equipment has taught us that quality steam ovens and combi ovens are the cornerstone of a successful commercial kitchen. A high performing steam oven or combi oven can make food preparation fast and efficient, whilst providing your customers with succulent tasting food that will keep them coming back for more.

So when it comes to quality commercial combi ovens and steam ovens, look no further than Rational. Made in Germany since 1976, Rational combi ovens and steam ovens are used by discerning and demanding chefs throughout the world. Rational combi ovens have single handedly revolutionised the catering industry and today there are over 100 million meals every day prepared using a Rational oven throughout the world. In fact, virtually every second, a combi oven installed globally is made by Rational.

The secret to Rational's unmatched success lies in its revolutionary technology. Rational combi steam ovens feature three cooking modes in a single appliance: "Moist heat = steam", "dry heat = convection", and both combined. These can be used individually, successively, or combined which is how the names "combi oven" "combi", or "combi steamer" originated.

The variety of cooking programs and their ability to be combined provides a chef with endless possibilities. In conjunction with the right accessory, up to 90% of foods produced in a professional kitchen can be produced in one single unit. Whether you need to steam, blanch, grill, braise, bake, or roast. As a result, an investment in a Rational combi oven or steam oven will pay for itself through reduced labour time and labour costs and less food waste.

One Stop Wholesaler has been selling Rational combi ovens and steam ovens for over 20 years and includes the full range of combi steam ovens currently available for sale in Australia.

Due to our large volume, One Stop Wholesaler has achieved preferred Rational distributor status which gives us savings that we can pass onto you. For friendly advice on your next Rational purchase and an unbeatable deal Australia wide, request a quote or contact us today on 1300 131 700.

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