Vacuum sealing is a great way to keep food fresh and extend its shelf life. At One Stop Wholesaler, we offer the Purevac range of vacuum sealers and vacuum seal bags.

PureVac offers the most advanced and complete range of vacuum packaging machines and bags available, suitable for small foodservice operations to large production kitchens. Heavy duty and durable, each Purevac unit feature an extra strong double seal for a superior seal first time, every time. Purevac vacuum sealers also feature Busch Vacuum pumps which are the world leaders in vacuum pump technology. Simple to use controls, multiple functions and self-maintenance capabilities that will save you time and money, all make Purevac vacuum sealers the best choice in Australian vacuum sealers.

At One Stop, our range of Purevac vacuum sealers includes the popular benchtop models along with the high capacity freestanding unit suitable for butchers and larger commercial applications. Our range of sizes and specifications is sure to cover your vacuum sealer requirements.

Our preferred supply arrangements with Purevac enable us to offer their range of vacuum sealers at great pricing Australia wide. Request a quote or contact us on 1300 131 700 today.

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