Kleenex, a global brand, is a part of the Kimberly Clark family of worldwide brands. The Kleenex story began in the 1920’s, when facial tissues were invented as a solution for removing cold cream from the face. From make-up removal to managing colds and maintaining hygiene, Kleenex tissues have come a long way and are now used in many ways by customer in over 150 countries. Today, the Kleenex brand includes products like facial tissues, toilet paper, antibacterial wipes etc.

A range of Kleenex facial tissues are available to suit varied needs. Kleenex aloe vera tissues are great for sore throats and colds, while the super-soft Everyday range of Kleenex tissues can be used in any situation or occasion. Pocket packs of Kleenex tissues are perfect for stocking in the car or your bag for use while you’re moving around. The Kleenex antibacterial wipes come in resealable packs and are great for when you are on the go and need a quick clean-up.

Kleenex toilet paper is considered one of the highest quality toilet paper products. The fibre used in Kleenex toilet paper is responsibly sourced and FSC certified to meet the highest standards. Not just that, Kleenex Complete Clean toilet paper also uses 20% fewer trees than comparable manufacturers. You can go ahead and purchase Kleenex products with complete peace of mind. View our range at One Stop Cleaning Supplies or call us on 1300 131 700 to discuss your specific requirements.

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