At One Stop Wholesaler, our large range of commercial catering equipment includes gas ovens, gas stoves and gas cooktops and burners made by the world famous Garland Group.

Made in the US for over 140 years, Garland Group catering equipment is built to last and will withstand the toughest of Aussie conditions and kitchens. Garland's range is focused on the professional kitchen and features gas ovens, gas stoves, gas cooktops and gas burners to name a few. Garland's gas stoves are packed with features not found in other brands including stainless steel surfaces, extra heavy duty components, flame failure devices, no visible screw fixings and adjustable stainless steel legs to name just a few. However, their robust construction is only part of the story and all equipment like gas stoves have been designed with the end user in mind - making them simple, safe, and packed full of performance. For the most demanding of commercial kitchens, Garland Group's range also includes extra heavy duty, heavy duty, and electric options to suit any type of application.

At One Stop Wholesaler, we proudly offer the full range of Garland Group commercial catering equipment including fryers, griddles, ranges, gas ovens, salamander broilers, hot plates, griddles, gas stoves, gas cooktops, and char grillers. We also carry the ever popular combination units designed to give you maximum commercial cooking functionality within a single compact unit.

Improve the efficiency and throughput of your commercial kitchen with a Garland Group gas stove, gas oven, gas cooktop or other Garland product from One Stop Wholesaler today. For the best deal Australia wide, shop our range online or call us on 1300 131

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