Over the past 95 years now, Diversey has emerged as a truly global brand specialising in providing cleaning and hygiene products as well as infection prevention solutions to the institutional as well as food and beverage sectors. The Diversey brand has come to symbolise innovation and product quality, and is trusted across the world. Today, Diversey chemicals and cleaning supplies are sold in more than 80 countries including Australia, to more than 85,000 customers. Diversey chemicals are used today in healthcare, hospitality, retail, food and beverage, facility management and many other sectors.

Diversey cleaning supplies that are extremely popular with professional cleaners include the hospital-grade Oxivir disinfectant spray and Oxivir wipes (which are suitable even for healthcare use), pH balanced general purpose and antibacterial hand washes, hand sanitisers, floor cleaners, etc. Diversey is also a market leader when it comes to commercial floor care products. From floor cleaners and floor finish maintainers to floor strippers and carpet cleaning products, the brand can provide the highest quality of products for any of your commercial floor care needs.

With Diversey cleaning supplies you can rest assured of the highest quality standards, improved efficiency of your cleaning operations, and environmental sustainability. Diversey’s mission is to provide sustainable cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions to keep your business, and the world, in good health. At One Stop Cleaning Supplies we sell the full range of Diversey products. Contact us today to see how we can best support your needs across the entire Diversey range.

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