The Deb Group is a world-renowned skincare and hand hygiene product provider. For over 80 years now, Deb products have been leading the fight against skin disorders and infections, through high quality skin protection and care products created for commercial use in the industrial, food, automotive and healthcare sectors. Today, Deb products are sold in over 100 countries including, of course, Australia. Since 2015, the Deb Group has been a part of the SC Johnson group, a family-owned company and leading producer of cleaning products, home storage, air care, shoe care and pest control supplies.

The innovative range of Deb Stoko cleaning products from Deb include skin sanitisers, a variety of dispensers and their accessories, antibacterial hand cleansers, hair and body washes, workplace hand washes, sun creams, hand moisturisers, etc. The durable and easy to use hand soap and sanitiser dispensers from Deb are widely and successfully used by hospitals, airports, malls, schools and healthcare facilities throughout the world. The clear sides allow users to easily see product levels and expiration dates and comply with industry standards.

Deb cleaning products come with the assurance of years of research and technical expertise. With Deb you can be assured of cost-effective cleaning and hygiene solutions that are also effective and easy to use. Deb cleaning supplies are used today by over 150 million people, every day. At One Stop Cleaning Supplies we've got the full range of Deb products. Please contact us today to see how we can best help your requirements.

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