Cast Away Foil Sheets Easy Pick - Medium

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BrandCast Away
O code15820
Pack Size1 Unit
Product Size203mm x 273mm
Supplier CodeCA-FS-MED
Availability: In stock

These commercial grade foil sheets are a catering essential when it comes to wanting fast, no-fuss dispensing of foil for use in your busy catering establishment. These foil sheets come pre-cut for ease and speed of use, they are made from commercial grade catering foil and are the perfect way to help retain heat on items like hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, baked food items, and so much more. They have also been specifically designed to make them fast and easy to pick and thereby help you further minimise waste and time.

As they are pre-cut, they are a real time saver as you don't need to spend time unrolling foil and cutting a piece every single time. This also helps significantly reduce the amount of waste. These pre-cut foil sheets come in a sturdy cardboard box that will withstand the demands of any busy kitchen or takeaway. A favourite amongst high volume catering establishments such as takeaways, cafes, food trucks, food stalls and more, these pre cut foil sheets are a true packaging supply essential.

Key product features include:

  • Pack Quantity: Pack of 500
  • Product Size: 203mm x 273mm
  • Supplier code: CA-FS-MED
  • O code: 15820