When it comes to fast and efficient ice machines for your business, One Stop Wholesaler offers a hand-picked selection perfect for the tough Aussie climate. At One Stop Wholesaler, you will find the Brema range of commercial grade ice makers, ice crushers, and ice shavers that are used in busy kitchens and bars throughout the world.

Made in Milan Italy for over 35 years, Brema ice makers combine quality materials, advanced design principles and the latest innovations in European refrigeration technologies. Brema's motto is "Quality without compromise" and their commercial grade ice making equipment range includes ice makers, ice crushers and ice shavers which are all specifically designed to provide both energy and water saving efficiency.

At One Stop Wholesaler, we provide the full Brema range of commercial ice makers producing the full range of ice shapes including cubes, fingers, ice flakes and ice pebbles. Brema ice machines come in a variety of sizes and price points making them ideal for bars, cafes, restaurants, casinos, reception centres and sporting clubs.

We also stock the full range of commercial ice storage bins that enable you to have a supply of ice ready for your peak periods. With a Brema ice machine, you won't need to worry about having ice when you need it as Brema commercial ice makers quietly work away producing clean tasting ice without any fuss or need for regular inspection.

For an unbeatable deal on a Brema ice machine wherever you are in Australia, shop our range online or call us on 1300 131 700!

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