Baking Paper - Beta Bake Baking Paper (40cm x 120m)

Beta Bake Baking Paper (40cm x 120m)

Beta Bake Baking Paper (30cm x 120m)

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BrandBeta Bake
O code15872
Pack Size1 Unit
Product Size30cm wide x 120 metres
Supplier CodeC-HB30120
Availability: In stock

This premium non-stick baking paper lifts off the tray every time with ease and is a key ingredient to your stick and hassle-free baking. Featuring a commercial grade coating on the paper that allows you to remove your baked goods from the baking tray without worrying of ripping or breaking, this commercial grade baking paper also reduces the use of butter or oil when cooking. This extremely adaptable paper is high density and is safe for oven use up to 230 °C and really is a must have for lining oven trays, baking tins and a variety of other uses.

Packaged within a hard-wearing cardboard dispensing box, this non-stick baking paper is able to withstand the physical demands of any fast-paced commercial kitchen or home baker. A favourite of any professional chef, the uses for our baking paper have included everything from baking desserts and cooking meats for a low-fat alternative to acting as a cover for microwavable dishes and separating food products such as fish when being frozen to prevent sticking. It can also be used for en papillote cooking and blind baking.

This roll of baking paper is extra wide and suitable to cover large baking trays and the bulk lengths will help ensure that you have enough baking paper for when you really need it. A perfect partner for all kinds of baking and is trusted by both professional and household bakers to help them deliver better baking results.

Key product features include:

  • Pack Quantity: 1 Unit
  • Product Size: 30cm wide x 120 metres
  • Supplier code: C-HB30120
  • O code: 15872