Roll Foil - Aluminium Foil - Heavy Duty Grade (44cm x 150m)

Aluminium Foil - Heavy Duty Grade (44cm x 150m)

Aluminium Foil - All Purpose Grade (44cm x 150m)

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BrandOne Stop Packaging Supplies
O code2677
Pack Size1 Unit
Product Size44cm wide x 150 metres
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Any kitchen worth its salt can't go past having a ready supply of quality aluminium foil within arms reach at any time. Our range of aluminium foils are both practical, versatile and cost effective making them one of our most popular products over the decades. Available in both "all purpose" or "heavy duty" grades, our aluminium foil is very versatility and assists in keeping food warm and can also help seal in the flavour of your delicious food while cooking in the oven. Each box comes with a sturdy cardboard container which features a serrated edge which makes cutting a breeze and helps minimise wastage. The cardboard container is also sturdy as well which helps ensure that the foil stays protected and also makes it easy to use as the box doesn't move when rolling out the foil. Our range of aluminium foils are practical, versatile and most importantly cost effective offering you a great quality product at a value for money price. Ideal for lining trays, covering large baking dishes, wrapping meats, and freezing for long term storage of foods, it really is an unbeatable product that every kitchen and chef should have at their disposal.

Key product features include:

  • Pack Quantity: 1 Unit
  • Product Size: 44cm wide x 150 metres
  • O code: 2677